Heat Exchangers

Our company fabricates various heat exchanger designs to meet customer specifications.

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Our many years of extensive experience in heat exchanger construction within the European regulatory framework (PED) and over 100 manufactured heat exchangers processed in compliance with American regulations (ASME) provide well-founded knowledge and solid skills.

Generally, all manufacturing takes place at our facilities where, for instance, exchangers with straight tubes, U-tubes or cross-corrugated tubes are produced. The tube-to-tubesheet welding is executed with our reliable automatic orbital machine. Upon customer request, the tubes can be alternatively or additionally rolled-in to the tubesheet.

When selecting the materials we accommodate the wishes of our customers.

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Heat Exchangers

  • with straight tubes
  • with U-tubes
  • with cross-corrugated tubes

Possible types of pipes and basepipes

  • welded/rolled on the base plate
  • rolled in the base plate
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