In 1954 our company was established as a family business in Eiterfeld, Germany.

K. Ley GmbH & Co. KG
Karl-Ebner-Str. 1-6
D-36132 Eiterfeld

Phone +49 (0) 6672 890-44
Fax +49 (0) 6672 7658

As a medium-sized company, we‘ve produced various heat exchangers, vessels, columns and special constructions for the chemical or petrochemical industry, the environmental technology and plant engineering for decades.

The processing of high-quality materials, the production of sophisticated apparatus as well as their mechanical processing is our particular strength. An experienced and well-coordinated team produces quality products according to the highest requirements utilising the most modern production facilities and computer-based organisation.

K. LEY Firmengebäude im Winter
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  • production drawings according to customer-specific factory standards with AutoCAD version 2011
  • design based on AD-2000 with TÜV-calculation software DIMy/Win
  • nozzle verification with finite element method (NozzlePro)
  • columns inclusive stability and earthquake load calculation and more