Columns and Special Apparatus

K. Ley GmbH & Co. KG provides a wide range of reference projects in the field of column manufacturing.

K. Ley GmbH & Co. KG
Karl-Ebner-Str. 1-6
D-36132 Eiterfeld

Phone +49 (0) 6672 890-44
Fax +49 (0) 6672 7658

We produce:

  • splitting columns
  • reactors
  • distilling apparatus
  • evaporation systems


  • with or without internals
  • cylindrical/conical
  • tube coils/half-pipe coils

When manufacturing columns all above mentioned materials are used and the tests are carried out largely by our own staff in our facilities.

manufacturing figures:

  • up to 4.000 mm diameter
  • up to 30 m total length
  • up to 25 mm wall thicknes
  • up to 30 t weight
Kolonnen und Spezialapparate
K. LEY Kolonnen und Spezialapparate für die Chemische Industrie
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